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Tanzania: Where to go in 2017

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It’s a big world out there—so big that it can be a little overwhleming deciding what your next destination will be. From natural wonders to man-made masterpieces, from wildlife to cityscapes, the choices... READ MORE

Serena Beach Resort & Spa; A Fusion of Swahili Culture

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  Nature is complex, beautiful, and fascinating. Human creativity consciously or sub-consciously draws a lot of inspiration from nature. In fact, modern science has embraced bio-mimicry: a practice where innovation mimics solutions already available... READ MORE

Christmas in the City

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  It is that time! That time of the year when we wish one another merry-filled experiences has come. And soon, every other greeting will be versed as thus: “Happy New Year!” For many, our idea of fun and merry … Continued

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