The Runner’s Chronicle.

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It’s about 4pm in the evening, the sun is covered partly by ominous clouds still hanging around from the previous day’s heavy pour. Running is not an easy task especially when it’s quite a distance involved, I honestly don’t always look forward to it. After a hard day’s work, I feel like coiling up and letting go like I did the previous day which is easier said than done! My Maisha Club group puts a lot of emphasis on commitment and would not let me stay behind unless I have a cast on my limbs and a doctor’s note to accompany the physical evidence. Yesterday I was saved by the bell, the sky gates opened just as I was changing.


To be on the “safe side”, I reluctantly ready myself and assemble with the team downstairs where we do a few warm up grooves and literally hit the road running. We start off from Nairobi Serena Hotel onto processional way where the terrain climb’s gradually. If you move fast here, you will dance yourself lame before the main dance! Take it slow one stride after another while controlling your breath. Well the worst of this navigation is yet to come as we go on into state house road, down to Ralph Bunche and away to Valley road! The latter being the toughest test of the course! The steep climb knocks the wind out of you so much so that by the time you get to Argwins Kodhek you start to utilize your reserves!! We join Woodlands road and head on into Lenana road racing up towards Rose avenue just a little past the South African embassy. The real grind is in the entire stretch of Dennis Pritt rd back to State House road, by now even the reserves are almost drained. It takes a lot of mind play to keep going. Stopping anywhere at this juncture will put you out of the race completely! You somehow have to keep going. We scale down past state house girls, University of Nairobi, St Pauls’ Cathedral and into Uhuru highway- it’s important to note we do use the sidewalk not the space reserved for the four legged creatures!

Our final lap is on Kenyatta avenue into Nyerere road and back to Nairobi Serena Hotel. By this time, you are eager to finish and when you do your knees are wobbly, you are breathless but full of satisfaction at your daunting achievement. It is not advisable to gulp some cold water nor is it advisable to jump straight into the cold shower now. We stretch then relax a little bit before setting off to Maisha Club to conclude the experience.


While in “Rome” this is what the “Roman’s” do. You get yourself a locker to keep your possessions. The lockers here are digitized so you will have to punch in a key combination to lock and unlock. You will be handed a towel and a face towel to use in your entire voyage around the facility.  It is highly advisable especially for the gents to have on some shorts. It’s now time to hit the showers and get the sweat off your body before you get into the Sauna or Steam bath. This is a post work out relaxation session that is my favorite of the entire experience. It has been proven that other than the former the Steam Bath and Sauna helps with Tension relief, Stress reduction, Clears the skin, Weight loss, Opens the sinuses, removes toxins, treats cardiovascular disease and promotes healthy blood flow. It takes about 10 – 15 min per session to attain desirable results.


But that’s not all, there is also the option of a Jacuzzi which is basically Warm water, or “hydro” therapy that promotes relaxation, is a pain reliever and improves sleep habits as the heat, buoyancy and massage work together to clear your mind, reduce stress and soothe overworked muscles. Heat improves circulation and warms muscles and joints. Wind down with a shower and not to worry as Maisha Spa will provide the necessary grooming items including deodorant, mouth wash, body lotion and deodorant. Time to dress up and head to the Juice parlor for some cold drink and while at it catch up with the days’ daily’s.  The sitting here creates a great ambiance for your leisurely experience. This is the ultimate “Maisha”.


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