Why Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge is perfect for the Family Holiday

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Fewer things keep parents up at night than what to do with their kids during the holiday season.

Holidays feel incomplete without travel. Whether it’s to shags, or to new places. Whether it’s alone or with family. Some holidays like Christmas and New Year’s are definitely family days, and Serena Hotels has a place in Tsavo West that’s perfect for family travel.

Christmas periods are always just perfect for travel as a family, and perhaps the only time in the year when everyone’s schedule fits right. But then that happens for everyone, so you end up having to compete for limited spaces at most destinations. Or settling for a destination other than what you’d have preferred.

Planners take advantage of fantastic deals like Serena’s Lipa Pole Pole, which allows you to book months in advance, and pay in easy installments. That means that you can cruise into December without much of a worry of where the family is going to spend the holidays.

But we are here now.

With the holidays already here, the need to find a place to stay is still real. Serena have a place, in Tsavo West, that is perfect especially if you want a hotel whose experience is designed to help you relax.


Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge is the best place to spend your Christmas. Established in 1962, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, is arguably the most child-friendly hotel in Kenya. From family-friendly accommodation to non-smoking rooms and cuisine designed specifically for children. The hotel offers baby-sitting services, and activities for your older kids. If they don’t like cycling or the guided bush walks, they can still choose from a host of activities such as board games, or even bird watching.

It is the only lodge I’ve gone to, even within the Serena stable, which takes kids so seriously.

The lodge is 238km from Nairobi, a three-hour comfortable drive or an hour’s flight if you fly in.

Kilaguni is a serene stone-themed slice of paradise that proudly displays its colorful history opposite the reception. It counts among those who first fell in love with it Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, a constant patron of the lodge for his out-of-town holidays.


All 56-rooms at the stone-themed safari lodge are designed for the ultimate Serena experience. What stands out the most, for me, is the balcony design. Some rooms face the watering hole which forms the central attraction from the lodge. From the balcony you can watch Tsavo’s great tuskers share water with buffaloes, and many other of Tsavo’s wild beasts.

One of the things I’ve always loved about the Serena Experience is the food. Kilaguni Serena just affirmed this, with its dedicated bush dinner venue, and the most picturesque bush breakfast you’ll ever have. A top the picturesque, massive Lion’s Rock, named so because the big cats would sit on it and scan for prey, you will have a breakfast experience like no other.


There are many things you can do in Tsavo West, like visit Shetani Lava or Mzima Springs. Shetani Lava are black lava flows that froze the landscape in time, only covered in a black mass that seems to stretch as far as the eye can see. Over the 30 minute guided walk through Mzima Springs, you will learn how that serene place supplies Mombasa County with water. You will visit the underground observatory, where the fish look like they are putting on a performance. You could just go for a game drive, to show the kids the marvelous beasts of the Tsavo.

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