Make 2017 most epic travel year yet with Lipa Pole Pole

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One of the most common New Year’s resolutions people make is to travel more. It’s right up there with eating better, joining a gym and losing weight or keeping in touch with loved ones.  And like so many resolutions, this one starts out with the best intentions but more often than not, it never comes to pass. When asked why, most people will mention time and money. There was just never enough time, they couldn’t find time off work, life got in the way hence they never got to save enough; the list is endless.

Most people believe that travel = expensive but with proper planning, travelling can be fun and affordable not only for the solo traveler, but also for families and groups.

Travel just like any other field/industry changes with times with all efforts by industry players leaning towards making travel both affordable and easy. It is for this reason that Serena introduced Lipa Pole Pole where you the traveler get to pay for your holiday in easy installments.


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Lipa Pole Pole is a payment plan that allows you to pay for your next holiday at Serena Hotels, at any time of year, in easy flexible installments that are easy on your pocket.

Here are some key factors guiding the  #LipaPolePole payment Plan:

  1. First installment of 25% of the total amount to be paid as deposit upon confirmation
  2. A unique reference number is generated to help track your reservation and deposit payments.
  3. 7.5% discount pre-payment discount will be effected on the total amount upon receipt of deposit.
  4. Deposits/payments can be paid via Mpesa/Cheque/VISA/AMEX/Mastercard
  5. Last installment to be settled at least 7 days prior to check in date.
  6. In the event of a cancellation, due to unavoidable circumstances, a full refund will be made or we can hold credit
  7. #LipaPolePole plan is strictly available for residents of East Africa
  8. This payment plan is strictly applicable for bookings made directly with Serena Hotels.
  9. Child Policy applies
  10. Terms and conditions apply for package bookings

What is more, to make 2017 all the more fun to travel, Serena Hotels have waived the Single room supplement. So whether you are travelling with the family or friends but would love your own space or you generally set out to travel alone, travelling in  2017 just got a whole lot cheaper.

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For more information contact or call (+254)732 123 333/(+254-20) 284 2333.

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