A Mountain, a Lodge and Three Generations

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Kenya’s history is long and has been told from many angles through three generations.

The first is the generation that fought for Kenya’s independence. The Jomo Kenyattas, Martin Shikukus and the heroic Kisoi Munyaos. Theirs are tales of heroism and unwavering patriotism. Stories of a people’s uprising and a revolution called the Mau Mau are to be found in every history book you pick today.


The second is a generation of Kenyans who were born during the reign of Kenya’s first and second presidents. They have lived through both pre and post multiparty politics in Kenya. Many grew up at an age when domestic travel was not a buzz-word.

And the third is the Millennial; a youthful generation of Kenyans who have spent more hours on YouTube than they will ever spend watching TV or going to the cinemas. They live and swear by the mobile phone and will reference past historical events on Wikipedia.

Yet all these generations have something in common; a historical symbol that has connected generations in spite of their differences; Mount Kenya.

Standing at 5,199 metres, Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and second highest in Africa. But that is just where the story begins. The volcanic mountain, during its formation millions of years ago, spewed enough magma to turn areas around it into fertile agricultural lands experiencing ample rainfall and a cool friendly climate. These same lands became the center of agitation for local communities and were among the grievances that sparked the Mau Mau revolution. And that is not all.

The Mountain provided the perfect terrain for the Mau Mau fighters in what became a bloody guerrilla war with the colonialists and their collaborators. At the dawn of independence, Kisoi Munyao cast the limelight onto the mountain once more when he hoisted the Kenyan flag at the peak of Mt. Kenya. More recently, three years after Kisoi’s death, his son Teddy Mutoko, was among Kenyan climbers that conquered the mountain taking up Kenya’s new constitution.

Today, Mt. Kenya National Park is one of the most iconic parks you will visit. For the millennial who wants to travel and is looking for an extraordinary experience, climbing the mountain is literally, “walking in the shoes of legends”! For the family, there’s no better place to explain the history of Kenya to the kids than at the very stage where some of the most influential events in Kenya’s quest for independence happened. For the conservationist and student of nature (the tree huggers and rock lickers), Mt. Kenya offers a stunning Afro-alpine floral diversity – an outstanding study of natural ecological processes.


If planning to visit the park, there’s a Lodge at the very heart of the park that you should consider, Serena Mountain Lodge. Standing on tilts like an ark amid the ever-green forest trees, Serena Mountain Lodge is an impressive 41 room lodge  only 2 hours from Nairobi.

From the viewing deck above, one is able to experience the cool mountain breeze and indulge in the sights and sounds of nature as impressive herds of elephants, buffaloes, antelopes and their ilk congregate to showcase the drama of life at the water hole below.

Inside the lodge, one is pampered with five star service whether at the gallery room, restaurant, roof-top bar or hosting a business meeting in the interior conference room. For families travelling with kids, there’s special fun for them at the Kids Club. So bring them along  to play, learn and explore. The kids club has all the games, crafts, and happenings your little one could hope for.

As the mountain continues to stand, as the forest filters the air and provides a habitat for countless species, as this mountain remains an enduring icon of our past and present (aptly named after the country), Serena Mountain Lodge stands as an icon of great hospitality and service.

To Book contact us at cro@serena.co.ke  or +254 732123333/ 709 998333.

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