It’s great to have a vacation; even better when you bring the kids along

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Family holidays are valued by kids; both in the moment as well as the memories they carry with them for the rest of their lives. Most of our favorite early memories are never about what toy we were bought. But we remember all the places we visited, the people we met, the animals we got to see and learning the little interesting facts about them, the sand castles we build with the help of our parents and the games.

Despite the fact that we keep on buying stuff, adults really regard experiences such as travel as more fulfilling. Children are no different. The secret however, is in understanding that children value different aspects of travel.

What we as parent will find interesting about a new destination such as high culture is likely to be extremely boring to the kids and they will grumble the entire time you drag them along. This is not to mean that the wonder of travel is lost to them, just that children see the world a lot differently. What children really value out of travel is the rare opportunity of prolonged periods of playtime and time spent with mum and dad.

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Children experience the world through consumption. The food they eat, what they see, touch or do. It is with this in mind that Serena Mountain lodge has introduced the Serena Kids Club; a safe space for your kids to play, explore their creativity and imagination, sit down for a great story telling session with our story tellers as well as fun times spotting and identifying animals with the help of our minders.

Get out, get active and get happy

kids viewing wildlife

In addition to play time, research has also shown that we are all a lot happier when we are outside; So take the kids and enjoy a nature walk through the Mt. Kenya forest and let them explore the flora and Fauna.

Or how about trout fishing? Serena Mountain Lodge offers fishing giving you and your child a chance to not only bond, but also presents an opportunity for the little tots to learn the importance of conservation. And with the lodge now accepting children from the age of three and above, it’s never too early to get them to care for the environment. They can plant a tree not only contributing the green landscape but they also leave a mark behind.

At the end of the day, kids too want to get away from the pressures of school and get a chance to let loose with their parent; to be silly and know that their interests are also taken into account.




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