The Sleeping warrior Hike

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Art is all around us.

No matter where you look, you will always find beauty around you. And there is no better artist than Mother Nature with some of the best works of art being seen in mountains, ranges and hills.  And Kenya has been blessed as far as breath taking views and interesting natural features go. Just look at the sleeping warrior hill located at the heart of Rift Valley and you will see what we mean. From a distance, the hill looks like the face of a human being lying down, maybe in deep sleep if you please, making it one of the main attractions in the Lake Elmenteita region.

But like most art, it is not enough to just look at it. We want to feel it. We want to touch it. Whether it be a painting or sculpture, we want to feel every curve. The sleeping warrior is much like a sculpture begging to be discovered further, for one to get a closer look and feel it; with hands and feet. It is for this reason that lake Elmenteita Serena Camp has introduced the Sleeping Warrior Hike for guests staying at the Camp.

The hike starts with a drive on a 4×4 landcruiser from the camp passing through thickets, scrub lands and woodlands of the Soysambu conservancy snaking its way to the base of the hill. Start your climb from the interspersed camphor bushes with their soothing minty aroma to get you syked and ready to go. The meandering trail gives you a perfect hug of the hill, gaining great height and altitude and coming on top of the sleeping warriors head. Once here, take a moment to catch your breath before making your way further uphill to end up on the ‘nose’ which is also the highest point of the sleeping warrior hill. Take a moment to soak up the breathtaking panoramic views. To the North is Lake Elmenteita,to the South are the Eburru Hills, to the East are the Gilgil Hills and to the West are the Mau Ranges.

Once you have had your fill, start to descend to the southern end of the lake through the dry salt pans where a picnic lunch hamper will be served. After lunch drive through the western Lakeshore via the Pelican breeding grounds to arrive at the camp early evening.



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