Set out on an adventure of your life in the Selous

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A bird eye view of Serena Mivumo River Lodge

The Selous is Africa’s oldest and biggest Game Reserve, and one of its last great wilderness areas. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has long been renowned for having more wild dog, elephant, lion, hippo and buffalo than any other game reserve in the World.This makes Selous the park perfect for someone on their first safari or honeymoon, as it provides a great introduction to the safari experience as well as the perfect place to disappear to with that special someone.

Deep in the heart of Selous are two Serena properties with some of the best locations in the Reserve. Serena Mivumo River Lodge lying next to the Rufiji River allows you to savour the beautiful views whether you are dining, lounging by the dip pool found in each of the Chalets as you watch the animals regularly come down to the river for a drink. Hidden deep within the rolling woodlands, the Selous Serena Camp features half a circle of twelve khaki tents raised on wildwoods with thickly thatched roofs perfectly encompassing the concept of “glamping” to give you an authentic “in the wild” experience.

6ffb1ec8-1a9d-44f1-8192-96ef6f07bd05Being the exact opposite of the hustle and bustle of the city, activities in the Selous are run in a much slower pace. Upon touch down, you are immediately transported to a whole new world where the daily routine of meetings and jam packed diaries and roads are replaced with great outdoors instead.

You can almost feel the shift in your body and mind as you adjust to waking up to the sounds of hippo grunts and the chirping birds as an alarm.  You have to admit, the sunrise views enjoyed with tea, coffee or juices are far from a rude awakening. You will also discover that there are better ways to start your day such as early morning game drives with our brilliant guides who will offer the perfect verbal narrative while exploring the hidden gem that is Selous, home to some of the largest herds of zebras, buffaloes, Impalas as well as Lion prides. Selous is also home to the African wild dog, the black rhino and considered to have half of Tanzania’s elephants within its boundaries. For those looking for some quality down time, a visit to the maji moto hotsprings should be exciting and the pools are cool enough to swim in.

You will find that following a delicious lunch and a lazy afternoon spent by the pool reading and reveling in the morning’s pursuits, early evenings will call for some activity. This is where exploring the walking safaris offer a different way not only to encounter animals at close quarters but also to get to know more about the flora and fauna, insects and eco-system.

_CGC3352Alternatively,  a safari by boat offers a completely different experience from the nature walk or vehicle excursions. Proximity to the River Rufiji make Selous Serena Camp and Serena Mivumo River Lodge excellent for boating excursions. Meandering down the river provides plenty of opportunities for close encounters with wildlife, including hippos, young and old alike, elephants, giraffes and lions, who appear quite oblivious to guests passing by whilst they drink. The river provides a fantastic vantage point, as well as the chance to stop off on the shore for a spot of fishing!

Following the heavy rains, the two Serena properties are set to re-open starting June 1st 2018 and guests can look forward to a serene getaway to what is undoubtedly Africa’s last wilderness. “My team is getting ready to ensure that our esteemed guests have a memorable and unforgettable experience during their stay in the Selous”, says the units manager, Ellieta Mbise.

“After two months of rain, most of the areas look green and are thriving with wildlife, big and small, as well as beautiful birds. With the Rufiji river strongly flowing, most of the riverine life is also at its best and hippos can been seen dotted throughout the river while the crocodiles laze around taking advantage of the sunshine”, adds Ellieta.


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