Finding Fun and Serenity at Serena Mountain Lodge

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Holidays are good for us. In fact, science supports it; our bodies can feel it and our minds confirm it with a deep rooted feeling of wellbeing. But a lot also goes into having a holiday that promises serenity and health benefits. The holiday destination for one is very important and so are the kind of activities that you chose to do.

Serena Mountain Lodge is 192kms or a 2hr drive from the capital city Nairobi. Set at 2,134metres above sea level on the lower slopes of Mt. Kenya. The lodge offers a cool and serene getaway which combined with optimum game viewing and fun activities promises to invigorate you both physically and psychologically. Also, due to its unique identity as one of the few tree hotels in Kenya, it also has an essence of eco-tourism.

We have collected 4 healthy aspects at Serena Mountain Lodge that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and restored for the year ahead.


  1. Flora and Fauna

Due to its location inside the Mt. Kenya Forest National Park, Serena Mountain Lodge is surrounded by indigenous flora and fauna. With over 20,000 trees that are flowering/fruiting, the lodge is also home to a variety of wildlife including waterbucks, bush bucks, buffaloes, elephants, hyenas and colobus monkeys along with birds and various insects. The best part is you don’t even have to leave your room or the lodge as the game comes to you. The open air deck at the common areas looks down to its water hole. All rooms also face the water hole and each has their balconies. So grab your drink, sit outside and enjoy the silence as you watch the animals stop by for a drink as well as take in the view of the mountain peeking over the trees.


  1. Get outside

It’s easy to log-on Facebook, check Instagram several times a minute, and see who is tweeting what when sitting at a desk or inside your hotel room. When engaged in activities, there’s little time to get lost in the internet of things. And being in the middle of the forest, this is the prefect chance to become one with Nature. The Lodge offers a two-hour nature walk with a knowledgeable guide and get to know more about the plant life, the wildlife and even more interesting, the role the forest played in the fight for Kenya’s Independence. For the more adrenaline rush junkies, the Kihari hike is the perfect mix of a rejuvenating with the right amount of work out. Lasting 4 hours, the hike starts from the lodge

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  1. Cross Things Off the Bucket List

It may not be the tallest Mountain in Africa but Mt Kenya is a popular feature on many people’s bucket list. Apart from the fact that Mt Kenya presents a real but welcome challenge, the journey through the forest and moorland is for many the highlight of the expedition. Here you will be intrigued by the exotic equatorial flora and transition zones from wetland to heather and alpine zones. If a less intense climb is what you are looking for, then try the Moorland hike. A full day excursion from the lodge, the hike leads you across different forest vegetation and varying altitudes to get to the beautiful northern moorland tree cover with its unique flora and fauna.


  1. Enter a state of Zen at the Maisha Spa

Spoiling yourself at the spa is a wonderful way to let go of your to-do-lists and melt into the joys of being away. The Maisha Spa’s décor, with its sky blue colors and wide open windows overlooking the forest will make you Zen out almost instantly.


5. Go Fishing

While not exactly an adrenaline-rush inducing activity, fishing is sure to leave you feeling exhilarated.  Serena Mountain Lodge is located near a trout hatchery, which is the biggest trout hatchery in East and Central Africa. One of the quintessential things to do while at the lodge is to visit the trout hatchery. Here you will be shown the whole process that goes in the hatchery, from the harvesting of eggs to seeing the fully grown trout that are sold in the fish market in a nearby town centre. While at the hatchery you will get to fish. In most cases it’s a catch and release affair but for the lucky ones that have a big catch, you can have it prepared for lunch; that is if you want to have fish for Lunch! The best time to go for sport fishing is during the cold seasons since trouts prefer very cold waters and during this time, they swim down-stream unlike the hot season when they swim up-stream in search of cool temperatures.



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