Buffaloes: Kilaguni Serena’s Gem

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With beautiful views over the waterhole and to Kilimanjaro in the distance, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge makes for the perfect relaxing getaway. The first lodge ever built in a park, in Kenya, Tsavo national park, Kilaguni Serena has a rich history and makes for a delightful walk down memory lane into Kenya’s history.

But perhaps, Kilaguni Serena’s biggest attraction has to be game viewing thanks to the water hole set in front of the Lodge view-able from the Bar, dining area and even by your room balcony. There is just no missing out on the action. At Kilaguni, you can still enjoy your beer at the bar and watch animals travelling to and from the waterhole, unphased by the human spectators several hundred metres away.

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While the water hole receives all kind of animals, buffaloes are Kilaguni’s gem. Buffaloes in their tens stop by the water hole through out the day to quench their thirst and cool off.

So here are ten interesting facts about Buffaloes that will make your next stay at Kilaguni Serena even more interesting.

  • Tsavo has the biggest herds of African Cape Bufaloes. Some herds can number upto +800 individuals
  • They are the part of the big five
  • They remain an a big attraction at Kilaguni Serena Lodge watering hole


  • They live gregariously- in large numbers that are headed by the matriarch and dominant bulls
  • You can also find the lone bulls that have been kicked out of the herds by the upcoming stronger males
  • They like wallowing in mud to cool their bodies and suffocate parasites from the their body
  • The males possess a stronger and massive foreheads that is called BOSS


  •  It is believed that even a bullet can bounce or slide slide off their horns
  • Of all African animals, the lone bull pushed out of a herd is the most aggressive and thus the most dangerous
  • Main predator are the lions

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