Serena Hotels Partcipates in Ndakaini Tree Planting Initiative

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On October 17, Serena Hotels team of over twenty volunteers traveled two hours outside of Nairobi to Ndakaini Dam’s Chania Falls, home of the Thika Dam. Along with Lions International, the Kenya Defense Forces, Pioneer Assurance, Nairobi Water Company, Stand Up Shout Out, and several others from the community, volunteers successfully planted over 17,200 trees together of which 5,000 were donated by Serena Hotels.

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About the Ndakaini Tree Planting Initiative

This year marks the second year of a three-year partnership between Serena Hotels and Lions International, with a goal of collectively planting over 15 million trees throughout the country. Last year, volunteers planted over 25,000 trees in Ndakaini, which were then closely monitored throughout the year. Through observation, it was found that there was an overwhelming 80-85% survival rate of the trees planted from 2014.


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Why Ndakaini?

The Thika Dam sources approximately 85% of Nairobi’s water supply, thus proving to be of great importance to the city. With a growing concern of climate change and the subsequent issues brought upon by this, tree planting initiatives along the Ndakaini zone are being financed and put in place in order to preserve the area and the continuous supply of fresh water from the dam.


Other Serena Hotels Tree Planting Initiatives

The Ndakaini tree-planting program is only one of the many of Serena Hotels’ tree planting initiatives in East Africa. The preservation and continuous improvement of wild life and the environment surrounding the Serena hotels, lodges, Camps and Resorts is one of the company’s core values and the foundation of its business practices. Other tree planting initiatives include the Kampala Serena Hotel partnership with the World Wildlife Fund Uganda to plant trees in the Navugulu Forest Reserve as well as the Kigali Serena Hotels tree planting focus in soil erosion areas around Bwiza village, Ndera sector, and Gasabo district, to name a few.

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