Recurve Target Archery Range at Lake Elmenteita and Sweetwaters Serana Camps

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Lake Elmenteita and Sweetwaters Serena Camps invite you to experience the ancient and elegant discipline of Recurve Target Archery with the help of modern day equipment. Our teams of well-trained instructors can assist guests under close supervision to master the technique of shooting a Recurve Bow ensuring that you truly revel in the glory of hitting that first bull’s-eye!



In collaboration with the Federation of Target Archery Kenya (FTAK), ten members of staff from Lake Elmenteita and Sweetwaters Serena Camps have gone through a Beginner Level coaching program covering the Fundamentals of Recurve Target Archery, Correct Shooting Form including Etiquette and Safety on the Archery range and how to be a responsible coach.

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Recurve Target Archery takes place on a purpose built and interactive archery range on the camps grounds. Within the Soysambu Wildlife Conservancy in the Great Rift Valley, you’ll be surrounded by trees and nature, an ideal environment in which to experience Target Archery.



We have a variety of fun, dynamic and challenging Archery Target activities that can be enjoyed as an individual and as a group/team. These are: Classic Target Archery, balloon Archery, Tic-Tac-Toe Target, Archery Golf Par 5 and Base Ball Archery.

Base Ball Archery target
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Classic Target Archery
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Balloon Archery
Archery Golf Par 5


Bordering the Archery Range, we have nine double faced outdoor stands printed on both sides with the Outer side having a Caution sign and the Inner side has pictorial training information that complements the information that the Instructor will take the guest through before the Activity takes place.



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