Hotel Room To Classroom

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Young children with SK eco, Kembu Primary school, Longisa, Bomet district, Kenya
Only 7% of Kenya’s rural population have access to electricity. Without light, opportunities for earning, learning and socializing are severely limited. In darkness the productive day is cut short so that children cannot study, parents cannot work and families cannot enjoy time together.

Hotel Room to Classroom’ is a ground breaking initiative brought alive by the Nairobi Serena Hotel and SunnyMoney solar lights. The initiative was launched at Nairobi Serena August 2015 and by the end of the year saw over KES 100,000 raised from guest donations. Understanding that a majority of schools in Nairobi are on the grid, The Nairobi Serena decided to extend a hand by aiding schools that are located around Serena Lodges across Kenya. Mara Serena Safari Lodge was the first to be highlighted and the solar lights purchased will go to Isokon Primary School in the Mara. The solar lights will be used by standard eight candidates and standard seven students with the aim of helping them study better throughout the rest of the year.

About SunnyMoney

After sunset millions depend on costly, polluting and toxic sources of lighting for their homes, schools and shops. This dependency locks people into a cycle of poverty; draining their income, damaging their health and causing fires and fatal burns. Burning fuels like kerosene also releases carbon dioxide and black carbon into the atmosphere, which is damaging to the environment.
A single solar light has the ability to improve the lives of up to 6 people, save a family over KES 20,000 (Approx. USD 200) annually and prevent the release of up half a tonne of CO into the atmosphere. In addition to this research shows that students using solar lights study up to 2 extra hours every evening.

Nairobi Serena Hotel and SunnyMoney have come together with the sole aim of eradicating kerosene lamps from rural Kenya. The campaign ‘hotel room to classroom’ will enable guests of NSH to participate by donating USD 10 or more to purchase a solar light. The money raised will be used to purchase solar lights from SunnyMoney. The lights will then be donated to primary schools in communities surrounding Serena Hotels in off grid regions across the country. In the selected schools the solar lights will be used by standard seven students and those in standard eight about to sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Examinations (K.C.P.E.). As SunnyMoney solar lights have a lifespan of up to 5 years, once the candidates have completed their primary school examinations the solar lights are returned to the school and handed down to the incoming class. This target based approach ensures that the solar market in the region continues to thrive whilst providing the candidates with the full benefit of clean, reliable, bright light in that most critical year.

SunnyMoney is an award winning social enterprise owned by SolarAid; a leading U.K. based international charity. Their sole aim is to avail clean energy solutions and make a positive impact on climate change by: Eradicating the use of kerosene lamps for lighting in Africa by the year 2020


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