The Aksum Bar

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Opening directly off the reception and overlooking the charming water gardens of our extensive grounds, is the Ethiopian-inspired Aksum Bar, whose walls are decorated with classic Ethiopian murals, and whose ceiling is hung with hundreds of gold-edged umbrellas.


This amenity is undoubtedly Nairobi’s finest, offering an unrivaled range of drinks and bar snacks. Its ambiance sets tone for a great evening that is sure to elicit fulfillment for any night-bird. The 52” LED screens that line up the room, will guarantee you don’t miss out on your latest sports fascination. Aksum also features a garden terrace set alight by gas warmers and boasts of beautiful outdoor lighting that maintains its modern stance. It is the venue for a series of musical evenings that features acoustics and jazz.

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Aksum is an ancient, almost mythical town situated in Ethiopia’s far north on the Tegray Plateau. Aksumite existence was first noted some 2,500 years ago and the kingdom of Aksum reigned as a political force at the heart of the ancient Ethiopia up until 13th Century. From its capital, the Aksumites dominated the trade of ivory with Sudan and trade routes south and north to the port of Adulis on the gulf of Zola. The Success of the Aksumite civilization depended heavily on a resourceful trading technique, the production of coins and the steady migration of Greco-Roman merchants landing at port of Adulis. Today, the massive ruins of the kingdom bear witness to the amazing civilization that once stood here. The central square, which is still clearly visible, was dominated by 126 tall granite obelisks. One, measuring 34 meters in height, is the tallest obelisk ever erected.

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All our facilities are elegantly presented in a fusion of international and pan-African styles. We hope you enjoy the atmosphere, the décor and the spirit of our own Aksum.

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