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Thank God it’s Friday abbreviated TGIF, is an often used expression to usher in the weekend. It is a day that the masses look forward to with such religious eagerness.  Being the last working day of the week, many of us take this opportunity to wind down and reflect.  Popular establishments around Nairobi have built a unique culture targeting city residents who seek to indulge in the weekend thrill. Nairobi Serena Hotel has not been left out in curving its niche, Friday evenings come with much fanfare for all seafood lovers.

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Our Moroccan themed restaurant Café Maghreb is the coveted venue for this special theme night. As the city skyline lights up so does the Maghreb pool terrace and dining area. Many seafood fans stream in to sample our one of a kind menu that is masterfully crafted to cater for non-seafood lovers a like. For hot starters we will avail to you our special seafood chowder soup with sweet corn and for cold starters there will be simple salads of vegetarian composition and compound (composed) salads to choose from.  This is served along with a cold cut selection, condiments selection and pickles.

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The main course is derived from chaffing dishes, a charcoal grill and an active cooking station that will ensure you serve your meal hot! There is a variety of sauce to choose from whilst you can also visit the curving station and get a piece of your most preferred delicacy on the menu. Finally spoil yourself to some dessert, cheese board with relishes and crackers while you also sample our freshly brewed Kenyan Coffee or Tea.

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As earlier indicated our menu accommodates non-seafood meals tailor made for your company who may prefer an alternative taste. Our menu’s are also rotational to ensure our clients have the ultimate seafood experience. “The way to a man’s heart is through the stomach”, is a popular saying in many circles. In the same breath we believe the way to a great evening entails a new experience~ try out some seafood this weekend.

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