Its Birding Season at Lake Elmenteita


Across the Kenya Lake System (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), over 4 million Lesser Flamingos travel between the three lakes (Lakes Elmenteita, Nakuru, and Bogoria). And that’s just Lesser Flamingos. With an estimated 450 species of birds found at Lake Elmenteita, one can only imagine the amount of bird life to look out for. The lake is also the only breeding colony in East Africa for Great White Pelicans with over 8000 breeding pairs. There are over 100 species of migratory birds, including the African Spoonbill, Black-Necked Grebe, Yellow Billed Stork, Gull Billed Tern, Pied Avocet, Black Winged Stilt, and Grey-Headed Gull. These lands have an important role along the African-Eurasian flyway system, where billions of birds travel from northern breeding grounds to African spots in the winter months.

Greater and Lesser Flamingos

Out of these two flamingo species in Kenya, the Greater Flamingo is outnumbered by the Lesser Flamingo. The Lesser Flamingo is much more pink, especially on the bill. They both feed on blue green algae and microscopic creatures. Groups of flamingos can be seen walking along the shallow waters of the lake from the balconies/gardens of lake Elmenteita Serena Camp. We also saw large collections of flamingos flying through the air, skimming across the surface of the water.



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Great White Pelican

The Great White Pelican has a huge bill and an enormous wingspan. It’s nearly entirely white with a big yellow pouch that hangs from its bill. It is black beneath its wings, which is noticeable in flight.

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Yellow Billed Stork

Yellow-billed storks are adaptive and intelligent. They have a fishing technique of using one foot to stir up the water to flush out prey. A quick muscular reflex in the neck enables yellow-billed storks to catch almost all of their food in the water. These storks do not socialize much with one another and tend to isolate themselves in swamps, muddy rivers and marshes.


Grey Crowned Crane

This is a very beautiful bird with glorious crown atop its head. This crane is quite large, measuring about three feet tall. Apparently it has a rather elaborate courtship dance that I didn’t get to see, but maybe someday!

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Secretary Bird

It’s a bizarre looking bird, with its skinny legs that look like they’re wearing black leggings. It has a showy black crest, puffy gray feathers, and a red face mask. We saw secretary birds roaming the grasslands, hunting for snakes and lizards.

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Many Birds at Soysambu Conservancy

Here are a few more birds that that you can observe while out in the conservancy either on a game drive, horse bike riding or nature walk at Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp such as Long-crested Eagle, Greater Blue-eared Starling, Spur-winged Plover, Lesser Masked Weaver, Martial Eagle and many more.

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