Why a visit to Africa = 2019 ultimate travel goals

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Africa. It has incredible wildlife, breath taking landscapes and inspiring cultures. But with so much to see and do, it can be a daunting task picking where to go. So as you make your 2019 travel resolution and with Serena hotels being present in some of the leading exotic destinations in Africa coupled with our incredible knowledge at creating extraordinary itineraries, let us give you some inspiration as we tell you why we highly rate a visit around the continent.

  1. Go trekking with the gorillas of Rwanda

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Despite it’s troubled past, The Rwandan Genocide of 1994, Rwanda has successfully moved on from its darkest hours. Today, Kigali hosts a Genocide Memorial Centre, the final resting place for the remains of some 25,000 victims.

However, the country is best-known for its 480-strong mountain gorilla population, for which people travel from all over the world to see. And you can trek to go see them! The sometime tricky terrain is so worth it and nothing quite compares to finally finding a family of mountain Gorillas and getting to watch them in their natural habitat as they go about their daily lives.

Plus, if you are trekking in September you can get tickets to the Kwita Izina festival (baby Gorilla naming ceremony) held every first week of September every year.

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  1. Get front row seats to the greatest show on earth

KENYA, Ol Kinyei, Maasai Mara: In a photograph taken by the Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism (MEAACT) 14 June 2015, a herd of Wildebeest stand on the plains of the Ol Kinyei Conservancy in Kenya's Maasai Mara. The management of Ol Kinyei and similar conservancies bordering the Maasai Mara National Reserve and in other areas of Kenya is an alternative approach to wildlife conservation. The land on which the conservancies are located is leased from local communities who directly benefit from its use to naturally host and protect wildlife populations. The privately owned and managed conservancies also offer employment to members of these communities and further opportunity of training in different areas of expertise from guides and trackers to chefs and camp management. Strict regulation of visitor numbers and the construction of camps inside the conservancies also limit the amount of people and vehicles present at any given time, offering tourists a much more personal and exclusive wildlife safari experience while at the same time reducing stress on and the disturbance of wildlife populations, which quickly begin to return and repopulate areas and land transformed under the conservancy model. MANDATORY CREDIT: MEAACT PHOTO / STUART PRICE.

The Sopranos or Game of Thrones are great shows for sure, but none are anywhere near as spectacular as the Migration aptly referred to as the greatest show on Earth.  The Great Migration involves movement of herds of over a million wildebeest as well as hundreds of thousands of other hoofed animals including zebras, elands, and gazelles.

There is this great misconception that migration happens over a short period in a year and comprises just one event. The truth is, the migration is a cyclical event and can be witnessed throughout the year. January-March: the wildebeest are concentrated in the northern Ngorongoro Conservation Area and southern Serengeti area grazing and calving (February is prime calving month typically). April and May sees the herds begin to head in a northwest direction in search of green grass. May is also generally the beginning of the mating season or “the rut” for the animals.

June often finds the herds beginning to concentrate on the western side of the crocodile-infested Grumeti River (river crossings). July and August the herds continue to move in a northeast direction towards the Mara River and the Kenyan border (time of dramatic Mara River crossings). September-December the herds graze in the Maasai Mara in Kenya and then begin to slowly migrate in a southwestern direction back into Tanzania to begin the process again! The actual movement and timing of the migration depends heavily on the rainfall and weather.

What makes this year’s migration even more exciting is that it will coincide with the release of million dollar “The Lion King” movie and this is a good reason to visit the land of the legend characters.

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  1. Join in the Flamingo lingo



Located in the Soysambu Conservancy and at the foot of the Rift Valley, Lake Elmenteita is famous for the thousands of flamingos that are attracted to the algae the lake offers. But to see as many flamingos as possible, it pays to know when to visit. Flamingos feed on the algae in the lake and that is highest after the rainy season is over. The rainy season usually ends in April, with the dry season peaking in June and often extending into August. July and August tend to be the peak season for the beautiful birds. All in all, it is still possible to see the birds all through the year, though in much lesser numbers. And it’s not just flamingos that can be seen, plenty of other birds and wildlife such as baboons, water bucks, giraffes, lions, leopards and buffaloes around 100 rhinos call the conservancy home. The conservancy is home to more than 400 bird species including the white pelicans.

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  1. Get spell bound in Zanzibar


If you were to type paradise on google, we are pretty sure Zanzibar will be high on the list. Considered one of the most popular destinations in the world with travelers coming in every week throughout the year, Zanzibar’s aura blends together influences from ancient Persia, Ottoman Turkey and India to create a spice-scented world of Arabic-style houses, brass doors and winding alleyways. This exotic archipelago is full of allure and retains much of its magic despite modern refurbishments geared towards its booming tourism sector. With the Indian Ocean on one side and the rich history of Stone Town on the other, Zanzibar Serena Hotel is at hand to receive guests and introduce them to the magic of this historic town.  Stone Town is a stunning collection of whitewashed buildings and winding alleyways at the heart of the city. It is East Africa’s oldest still-functioning settlement, and home to a myriad of traditional markets and historic sites. You will find it to be abuzz around the clock, and packed with restaurants and entertainment venues.  Did you know singer Freddie Mercury (real surname Bulsara) was born here in 1946? He has a restaurant named after him as homage to Queen’s flamboyant front man.

Time to get lost in paradise 


  1. Have a grand time at Maputo


Uncover the warmth and wilderness of Mozambique; exotic, untamed, and ideal for the free-spirited adventurer. From its 2,500km-long tropical coastline and its untamed wilderness areas, to its remarkable heritage and culture shaped by centuries of Portuguese, Indian, Arabic and African influences; from its soul to its sea, Mozambique promises an authentic, engaging spirit that will captivate those who are willing to earn it.  As you explore the brown-sugar beaches, a pulsing nightlife, the best seafood on the East African coast, make the grand Portuguese-colonial Polana Serena Hotel your home base especially with the newly refurbished Polana Mar. Spend your morning hours lounging by the palm fringed cliff side pool, or spoil yourself to a spa session at the Maisha Spa. For those keen on fitness, the Maisha Health club will make sure you never miss a bit whether you are travelling for business or leisure.

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  1. Clubs and cruises


Whether you’re a seasoned pro but have never taken your game abroad, or a complete novice who wants to get started in style, golfing holidays are a great way to get away with your friends or family for a few nights and do something that you love too.

But when choosing where to go, there many factors that go into creating the perfect golf holiday. Of course the golf course is key. Accommodation available is also important as well as the climate, surrounding landscape and local attractions.  Recently, Uganda has jumped on the golfing bandwagon with the construction of one of a kind golf course at Lake Victoria Serena Golf Resort and Spa which boasts of sweeping views of Lake Victoria. The course’s unique features include a finishing hole with an Island green that is rare in many courses around the world and is the first golf course to have bent grass in Uganda. The Lake Victoria Serena Golf Club has set the trend as the only Clubhouse in Uganda with a fully-fledged Pro- Shop selling world class golfing merchandise. It also hosts a clubhouse, a restaurant, bar, one half way house, a conference room, locker rooms as well as ladies and gents steam rooms.

For those who are not keen on golfing but want to tag along for the holiday, other activities are available such as nature walks as you take in the panoramic views of the golf course and the surrounding lake view, dine at the Marina and Lago (Fine Dinning) Restaurants, set out for a romantic picnic cruise on the Lake Victoria, visit the neighboring Chimpanzee Island, or relaxing moments at the Maisha Spa where a range of different massage and beauty treatment can be enjoyed.

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