Explore Freddie Mercury Museum- A Pilgrimage of the Lead Band Singer of Queen

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Zanzibar is quintessentially a beach paradise destination preferred by honeymooners and lovers alike. However, this breath-taking archipelago has more to offer than the more obvious experiences most travelers go in search for. And this idyllic and historically rich destination one that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. The architecture is stunning, all which has great historical background and borrows deep inspiration from the different cultures that settled in this island in earlier centuries. From exploring labyrinth streets of Stone Town- A World Heritage Site, visiting the Spice Farms that earned this island its name “Spice Island”, discovering Prison Island, going on a sea adventures to snorkel and even watch dolphins swim, to eating street food at the famous Forodhani Food Market; the experiences at Zanzibar are endless.

But now, a new experience is at bay to thrill travelers especially those who enjoy pop/rock music of the olden-day. Did you know the lead pop-star legend of the band Queen- Freddie Mercury was born in Zanzibar?

In November 2019, the first ever Museum dedicated to the legend was opened. The Freddie Mercury Museum is located in Shangai in the heart of Stone Town just a half kilometer from Zanzibar Serena Hotel. The Museum is Freddie Mercury’s old family house before they relocated to England in 1964.

To commemorate his 28th anniversary of the passing of the rock-star, the Museum was officially opened on 24th November to the members of the public. It was opened in collaboration and official partnership with the Queen Productions in the United Kingdom who have provided the museum with pictures to showcase Freddie Mercury’s life.

Explore everything from the detailed accord of Farrokh Busara’s (Freddie’s birth name) birth town, his roots with the Zoroastrian religion, his childhood and upbringing in Zanzibar, followed by his schooling in Panchgani, and then the rest of his journey to becoming one of the greatest stars of all time.

The story of his life is told largely through well-curated pictures at the museum and you can buy collectibles at the end of the tour.  Even though this is one in a life-time experience, please take note that pictures inside the museum. *Terms and conditions apply.


Time: 10am to 6:00pm


Adults: USD 10

 Children: USD 6

Our reservations team at Zanzibar Serena Hotel are at your disposal to ensure you enjoy the best of Zanzibar experiences- including the Freddie Mercury Museum Tour. Stay with us at Zanzibar Serena Hotel and we will show you round.


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