New Hallmarks of Excellence for Serena Hotels in the Ecotourism Arena

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Serena Hotels are pleased to announce that Serena Beach Resort & Spa, Mombasa has for the first time attained
the Gold Level Eco-rating Certification after an assessment carried out by Ecotourism Kenya and the Eco-rating
Technical Committee making it the third Serena Unit in Kenya to be Eco-rated after Sweetwaters Serena Camp and Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp.

Serena Beach Resort and Spa was primarily awarded the certificate for it’s efforts towards the conservation of sea turtles started back in 1993. The hotel set up a Turtle Nest Programme where turtle eggs around the Shanzu Bay, Mtwapa, Kikambala and Kenamai beaches are protected and hatched. Furthermore, insecure nest sites found in these marine habitats are brought to SBRS for protection and hatching. In addition to this initiative, Serena Beach was also recognised for business legal compliance.

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In addition to SBRS, Sweetwaters Serena Camp retained its Gold level Eco-rating certification for the second consecutive year.  Last year, Lake Elmenteita Serena Camp was also certified for the Gold Level Eco-rating certification.

2016 is proving to be quite the gratifying year for Serena Hotel with Nairobi Serena Hotel name Africa’s Leading Green Hotel at the 2016 World Travel Awards. The award seeks to reward hotels for their commitment towards sustainable business practices.

Ecotourism, as with sustainable development and business practices is dynamic and must respond to the changing
environmental, socio and economic trends. Serena Hotels believes that irresponsible tourism must be consigned to
the past as we understand that the discerning traveler of today is committed to ensuring that the hotels they stay at
contribute in a sustainable and sensitive manner towards the eco-system, culture and national heritage of the

Mr. Mahmud Jan Mohamed, Managing Director of Serena Hotels mentioned that, “at Serena Hotels,
Ecotourism and Corporate Social Responsibility means corporate culture, a culture which holds the Company’s
responsibility not only for making profit, but also for the conditions under which profits are made. Finding a balance
between financial success, social responsibility and protecting the environment is a fundamental approach that lies at
the heart of Serena Hotels corporate culture and is reflected in our corporate values”.

The Ecotourism Kenya certification is awarded through an annual assessment exercise which rates the facilities
compliance to ecotourism principles and best practices. The monitoring is carried out annually to ensure continued
improvement and in view of the above mentioned achievement, Serena Hotels Management would like to thank each
member of the Serena Team for the support and exemplary dedication on the ecotourism and sustainable business
practices front which has enabled the Company to continue to receive recognition in the form of awards and
accolades for over a decade.

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