Belgian Week: ‘A taste of Belgium’ at Nairobi Serena Hotel

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What comes to mind when you mention Belgium? Most probably its fine cuisine, Belgian chocolates and varied music scene.

In partnership with the Embassy of Belgium, Nairobi Serena Hotel brings you Belgian week starting 17th to 19th of February for a chance to savoir the best food and chocolate that Belgium has to offer. And we have enlisted help from the best; the talented Belgian chef Olivier Bruckner (L’Olivier, Namur) and the renowned Belgian chocolatier (Chocolates Gerbaud, Brussels).

Belgium is a food-obsessed country; there is no other way to put it. Belgians love their local products and are proud of their regional specialties. For Belgians, food is not only fuel for the body, it is also part of a culture and a source of pride and pleasure. Belgian chef Olivier Bruckner will take you on a delightful Belgian culinary journey every day from 17 to 19 February at the Mandhari Fine Dining restaurant.

If you are a lover of chocolates, then you will agree that Belgian chocolate is famous and appreciated all over the world for its excellent quality. If you want to know what makes Belgian chocolate so special and different from other chocolate, one definitely has to attend the chocolate seminar and a special chocolate pairing session with chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud from Brussels on Friday 19 February and Saturday 20 February. Gerbaud is an artisanal chocolatier who has been marrying chocolate, fruits and spices for the past 11 years.

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  1. Marta Galvão de Melo

    I vote in your hotels, because you improve beauty, exquisite taste, fantastic service (the servants are present but invisible), and you do sustainability without advertising it, you promote dignity on local work, in fragile regions with high unemployment, so for me you are the right example of what to be on this business.

    I hope you win.

    Marta Galvão de Melo

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