Celebrating Naomi Imbayi: Lady behind our fix of the Day at TPS(K)

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Twice a day, Naomi Imbayi pushes her trolley around the Serena Hotels head office in Nairobi serving the fix for the day to over 50 staff members. As well as tea/coffee, Naomi serves whatever treat the staff might have selected for the day. And what is amazing about all this is she knows everyone’s order by heart.

“From top to bottom everyone has to pass through my hands; to me am a mother to all” says Naomi. She also loves the fact that her job gives her the opportunity to meet and interact with all kinds of people who walk into the office. One of her most memorable moments in TPS (K) was when she offered a client’s tea and he asked for champagne instead to which Naomi replied on a light note that champagne is after work.

While she comes from a big family of eight, Naomi is a single mother of two children, a daughter and a son whom she says are her biggest inspiration and the reason she is in the office by 5:30 am. “People start coming into work from 7 am, so you need to have everything ready by the time the first person walks in through the door”, she says.


Serena Hotels MD Mr. Janmohamed notes just how important Naomi is. “Naomi just goes to show you don’t need to be in a high position in an organization or community to be important”, he said.

But with every job, there are challenges to what she does. With an office of 50 people, serving tea alone is not easy. But she does it all with a smile and will on a daily check in to find out how a new baby is faring on or how school is going for some of the employees that are in school. “To me, TPS(K) is not just my workplace, the entire team is like my second family”, says Naomi.

When she is not busy taking care of everyone in the office, Naomi enjoys her down time at home catching up with her favorite shows Papa Shirandula and Mother in Law and keeping abreast with current issues through local news channels. She also quotes the bible as her favorite book to read.

“I couldn’t think of a better person to celebrate on this International Women’s Day. She has not only excelled here at Serena Hotels, but also in her personal life”, said Mr. Janmohamed.

Happy International Women’s Day to Naomi and to all the amazing women making a difference in their own small or big way across the world.


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